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Applied Building Information

Specifications Consulting

Need help with something else?

Applied Building Information, LLC (ABI) offers specifications consulting services as a way to help clients when our standard services don’t seem to apply to what they’re looking for. If you need help with something related to specifications and you’re not sure where to start, give us a call. If we can’t help you, we’ll likely know someone that can. 


Here are some of the different ways we’ve helped clients through our Specifications Consulting service.

ABI developed custom sustainability language that was based on multiple rating systems (selected by the client). The language was developed in such a way that the client could incorporate it into their own master specifications.

A client wanted to improve their in-house master specifications for the healthcare market. We reviewed what they had and provided detailed language and material recommendations.

As part of our Master Specifications service, we imported a client’s most-used master specification sections into their RIB SpecLink Cloud instance. Then as part of our Specifications Consulting service, we provided training to show them how to import the rest of their sections.

A client needed help automating repetitive tasks in RIB SpecLink Cloud. We incorporated a linking feature to make this possible.