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Applied Building Information

PRODUCT Specifications

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Applied Building Information, LLC (ABI) helps product manufacturers develop construction specifications for their product(s). We refer to this service as product specifications.

To ensure your product is specified appropriately -or at all- in a construction project, a project-specific specification section may be necessary for that product. A product specification is a tool that helps architects and manufacturers specify a product for a specific project.  It lays out the details that are relevant to the project and simplifies the process of making selections – and does so in a format consistent with CSI (Construction Specifier Institute) standards.

In addition to the product specification itself, we provide education and training on how to use it. We’ll make sure you’re comfortable with customizing it for a specific job. When you’re finished, your specification section(s) will include all the information relevant to the job and be laid out in a way that specifiers expect.  

BUild & Price Tool

Here’s another way to think of product specifications: they’re a lot like those “Build & Price” tools commonly found on automobile manufacturer websites. Those tools lay out which models are available, which options are available for each model, and how those options relate.

Build & Price tools make it easy to match customer needs with what the manufacturer can actually provide – and they do it in a predictable, repeatable fashion with minimal phone calls. Our product specifications aim to provide the same value to product manufacturers.


We’ve created outline and 3-part specifications for many different types of products, including:

  • Glass coatings
  • Demountable partition systems
  • Manufactured balconies