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About Us

Company Overview

Applied Building Information, LLC (ABI) specializes in construction specifications for projects of all sizes – from small interiors jobs to large-scale projects spanning multiple city blocks. We also develop product specifications for manufacturers and help design professionals with their own specifications.

We started in Seattle, but now work remotely from across Washington and beyond. This helps us better serve our clients wherever they may reside. Whether you’re from the Pacific Northwest or across the continent, our team can develop a customized solution for the unique needs of your business. 

how are we different?

With ABI, you get a whole team to help you realize your design vision. We have experience in architecture, interiors, construction, and engineering. By working together, we can see the whole picture and help you avoid the pitfalls of a narrowly focused silo. We’ve invested heavily in our content and processes to ensure that all documents are tailored to the project’s needs and are useful for all parties from concept to grand opening. 

We're always improving

We invest in our team and processes to maximize value for our clients.

Not only do we use quality processes, they’re constantly evolving. We’re always looking for ways to improve how we work with our clients and each other.

The industry is constantly evolving with new materials, requirement sets, and sustainability rating systems. Whether it’s going to a conference or reading an industry journal, we’re always seeking to learn more about what’s current and on the horizon.

No one is great at something the first time they try it. But the more they do it, the better they become. With each new project, each new client, we learn something to make the next time even better. We share our experience with the rest of the team, improve our processes, improve our masters, and figure out how to work together more efficiently.

We provide a continuing education benefit to our employees. The more they learn, the better they can assist our clients.

We meet regularly to improve our content. We’ll do things like update to new versions of rating systems, remove products that are no longer available, develop sections that we didn’t have before. The more proactive we can be, the better.

We pay attention to what you say in your comments – we track it as part of our quality process and ensure that it gets resolved. The tool we use for monitoring and addressing feedback allows you to query all feedback and see the status of it in real time. Then after we’ve established your firm and project preferences, we can begin with that as a starting point on your next project.

Over the course of many projects we’ve learned to effectively incorporate the input from LEED consultants, envelope consultants, and other specialists. We’ve developed processes to learn from them and work with them more effectively.

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