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Construction Specifications

Applied Building Information

Why Us?

When the dust settles, the success of your project depends a lot on the specifications. It often boils down to how well the project delivered what the Owner wanted. They may want all the materials to be local to the region or made in the United States. They may want to earn specific Living Building Challenge petals. Whatever it is, ABI translates these goals into construction documents so that their dream can be constructed.

We’re different because we support your project as a team. We work collaboratively using consistent processes, common masters, and common project management tools. We have redundancy and flexibility so that we have a backup plan when emergencies arise. We provide an extraordinary level of expertise and management that contributes to your project’s success.


We focus on continuous improvement. Through quality processes, continuing education, project-based learning, efficient feedback loops, and significant on-the-job experience, our team is ready and prepared to provide substantial value to your project.

What We Do

Construction Specifications

We work with design teams and stakeholders to produce specifications for construction projects. We can support the project through all phases of design and construction – providing one or more document sets at each design phase.

Master Specifications

We develop specification masters that will be used by other design professionals on many projects. This includes things like creating master content and software customizations for efficiency.

Product Specifications

We create specifications for product manufacturers and teach them how to use those specifications as a tool to sell their product. When design professionals have a clear way to specify a product in their project, it's easier to incorporate that product into large-scale construction projects.

Specifications Consulting

We help our clients in many different ways. Even if you want to do your own specifications and just need some of our expertise to be successful. Our team has experience with projects large and small. We've worked in many different market sectors and know how to manage new requirement sets.

Pursue your passion

People naturally excel at what they are passionate about. Architects excel at design because they’re passionate about design. We excel at specifications because we’re passionate about specifications.

Hire people for the experience you want. If your current specifier has delivered your last four projects successfully, hire them again. But if they haven’t, consider trying someone different.

If you’re trying some new things, hire someone that has experience doing those new things successfully. We do new things all the time: Living Building Challenge, HUD, LEED, Earth Advantage, and more. We build custom solutions all day, almost every day.